Professional Tactics Table for team sports

Professional tactics table for team sports

Development and learning are central to progress. TABULA1’s professional tactics board supports this, which is why we have partnered with them.

The tactic table allows you to raise and refine the strategic level and instantly translate learning to an operational level.

Tabula1 Taktikbord

Tabula1 builds on well-documented learning research such as situated learning and visible learning.

The concept supports a culture that contains the involvement, curiosity and engagement that characterizes people with a developmental mindset.

The tables are flexible and robust. This means they are not only easy to transport, but can also withstand wind and weather without any problems.

Tabula1 Taktikbord

4995,- DKR
671,- EUR

It is possible to sponsor on the sides and we can generally customize the tables to suit your club. If you wish to customize the table, please contact us. 

The tactics table is also available for hockey, basketball, and handball.