Orientation, Precision, Technique and Intelligence

Training with you at the center


OPTI Rebound Training

Intensive training with 800 – 1200 actions in one hour. In a normal training session, you usually get between 150 – 200 actions.

OPTI Camps

Spanish inspired camp with training by UEFA pro license coach. At this camp there will also be Goal station training.

Inspiration training

Training and demonstration of position-specific exercises.


Our name is an acronym for Orientation, Precision, Technique and Intelligence. Our goal is to improve performance with an intensive focus on these skills. 

We believe in the modern footballer, which is why we focus on both technical and mental skills. 

We will actively listen to your wishes and continuously provide feedback and evaluate your development together.

Tabula1 Taktikbord

Professional tactics table for team sports

For us, development and learning are key, and this is exactly what TABULA1’s professional tactics table supports. That’s why we’ve partnered with TABULA1.

The tactics table allows you to raise and refine the strategic level and instantly translate learning to an operational level.

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