Goal station

The ultimate training system

Goal station is a complete football training system for clubs, coaches, players and schools.

The training system is used worldwide by professionals and young talents and you can play in a full-size arena or in your backyard.

Data-driven Football

Improve your game using data. The innovative training methods from Goal Station will quickly improve your skills:

– Get a better first touch
– Make a faster first-time handover
– Get better at short passes
– Improve your orienteering skills

It will be fun and you will learn faster than ever before. Training with Goal Station gives you accurate statistics on your daily improvement.

Download the app and track your progress

Use the Goal Station app to track your performance and progress.

Connect the lights to your device, whether it’s a phone or tablet, and embark on a transformative football journey, powered by advanced features and tailored insights for both players and coaches.

Download from App Store or
Google Play

Goal station for athletes

What if you want to play football but are alone and find self-training boring? Training with the Goal Station app is great fun. The app will keep you motivated and you can see your training results and learn how to improve day by day.

Try all the exercises and once you’ve done that, you can build your own exercises, just like a professional trainer.

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