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OPTI Rebound Training

Rebound training is position-specific training focusing on technique, orientation, precision, reaction time and decision making. The training is for all levels and can be customized to your wishes and focus areas.

Rebound training gives you between 800 – 1200 actions per hour, whereas normal training typically has between 150 – 200 actions.

All exercises are specially developed to train position-specific skills. In addition, the Rebound Ignite system allows you to create appropriate progression in exercises.

Rebound træning. Fodboldtræning.

Follow your development?

In addition to sparring and training evaluation, OPTI Rebound training allows you to track your progress on your phone. Here you will be able to track your development in relation to how quickly and efficiently you hit rebounds. You can see this by downloading and registering on the Goal Station App (See more when registering for training).

Spanish inspired camp

Spanish inspired camp with training by UEFA pro license coach.

At this camp we focus on having small teams and a strong focus on implementing goal station/rebound training. 

Contact us if you want to participate in our Camps or if your club wants to organize an OPTI Camp. 

Inspiration training

We come to your club with training and demonstration of position-specific exercises for Reboundere and Goal station. 

In addition, we go in-depth on using the Goal station app and GS Ignite system for rebounders. 

If you have other wishes regarding Goal staion and Rebound training, we are flexible in finding the solution that suits you. 

Contact us if you want to get ready to take your training to the next level.